At Heat Radiation, we believe our people are our greatest strength. Our business is built on the back of hardworking, intelligent individuals all pulling in the same direction to ensure we deliver the very best results to our clients.

We are a local company, with an aim of creating a working ‘family’, to ensure the company not only delivers the best results, but also invests in every individual who works with us, which we believe is the ‘secret ingredient’ to long term prosperity.


Craig V2
Craig Read
Managing Director
James Riste
Contracts & Delivery Manager
Jack 18.09.23
Jack Melling
Pre- Construction Manager
Ben Cox
Contracts Manager
Thea Rogers
Administration Assistant
Dan V2
Dan Skyner
General Works
Anita Wadley
Sarah Honey
Human Resources

We practice three principles, they are:

  • Be Authentic
  • Do the hard work
  • Surrender the outcome

Our aim is create an environment built on trust where each individual feels valued, understands how they add value to our customers and has every opportunity to advance themselves in our industry.

We care about our well being and that of our supply chain and customers.

the office team

Founded in 1965, Heat Radiation was born as a division of a local construction company, however it quickly became independent, and grew to be one of the leading mechanical contractors in the Somerset area, at one point expanding to an office in Devon. In later years, the Devon office was disbanded as the company focused more on providing services to local customers across Taunton & the surrounding areas.

In 2017, Heat Radiation was bought by Eco Environmental Ltd, who have an outstanding track record of investing in small/medium sized business enabling growth and sustainability in future markets. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, forging new relationships across the South West, whilst solidifying our position in Taunton enabling us to sustain growth whilst not compromising on our service.

To this present day, almost 60 years after we were founded, we can continue to be diverse in the services we offer with our General Works department being set up for lower resource, fast delivery projects and our Contracts department set up to deliver schemes with multiple complex systems over a more substantial programme length.